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Monday, 27 April 2009

Fan concert report-Gavin Rossdale Rochester, NY Water Street Music Hall

Heather's concert report (which includes a conversation with Gavin and Kingston): (hehe)

I saw Gavin in Rochetser, NY last night. The show was really amazing. He played tons of bush, most of his solo album, some institute, and a cover of fleetwood mac's landslide. I was right up in front, great view. I have pics and vid, i'll upload them soon. it was his keyboard player jason's birthday, so the crowd sang happy birthday, that was cute. Some of you may remember that i met him back in december when he did a radio interview here. i was hoping that he'd remember me... during the show he locked eyes with me twice, and it was sort of a "i know this girl" look... haha. Kingston and his nanny were there, he was crawling and walking around the side of the stage the whole time. he had a flashlight. what a cutie. no pics of him though, i just don't think that's right. everyone was taking mad pics of him, and that's just kind of sad to me. anyways...

after the show we waited by the back door by his tour bus, there was a crowd of like... 20ish people waiting. we were the first people to get there. i was walking past the tour bus and little King just popped his cutie little head out one of the windows and waved at me. I waved back and blew him a kiss. He blew me a kiss back, and then said "where's mommy?" hahaha. it was so cute! i waved goodbye and he waved back. he is so super adorable. seriously.

so gavin finally came out after like 30 minutes to sign autographs and take pics. he looked right at me, smiled, and sort of laughed. i smiled and said "do you remember me?" he said "of course i do! how've you been?" he gave me a hug and we chatted about the awesome show, i said it was so great of him to come back to rochester. he signed one of my cd booklets, and we took a picture. before the pic he said "hey, nice shirt." i was wearing a LAMB shirt. i laughed and said something like "i've gotta represent!" he laughed and said "well it's a family business so we need all the support we can get." hahaha. anyways, after the pic i asked him about Gwen's mothers day card. I was really chill about it, and said if there's no way he can help it's cool, but i'd love to get the card to Gwen. He was really great about it and said he thought she'd really like that. we talked for a few minutes about what we could do, and he asked for my cell and email so that they could get a hold of me. then his tour manager said he had to move on, so gavin told me to write all the info down. we stepped aside and i wrote a note on the back of a flyer, and just waited until most of the crowd was gone. when he was finished signing i went over and gave him the info. he was really cool about it, and said not to worry about my contact info being used except for the card purposes, and said he really will try to work out a way for us to all meet up this weekend. he gave it to his tour manager, and the tour manager said that they'll try their best, but can't promise anything just because bamboozle is so huge. worse comes to worse, he said give it to the merch guys.

it was a really great evening.


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