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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Kingston Rossdale Will Rock and Roar This Halloween

After completing a tour with son Kingston in tow, Gavin Rossdale's three-year-old is yearning to rock out. For real. "At the last benefit we were at, he wanted to get on stage with me and sing," Rossdale told Popeater at the 'Rock the Kasbah' event benefiting Virgin Unite and the Eve Branson Foundation. "Yes he was a little upset with me at the Neil Young Benefit. I told him we can, but we have to practice a bit first."

While rocking out will happen eventually, Gavin and Kingston have been bonding over Halloween planning. After the jump, Rossdale dishes about their costumes.

"Kingston is really passionate about animals," Rossdale said, adding that this Halloween the kids are going to be another of Kingston's passions: dinosaurs. "Kingston is really into them as well. We are going as the furry cuddly kind." And it sounds like an excuse, but Gavin claims he couldn't find a soft, cuddly adult-sized dinosaur outfit for himself. "I'm going as Buzz Lightyear."

The former Bush rocker was a definite solo performing at the charity event hosted by fellow Brit Richard Branson on October 26, while Gwen Stefani was at home with Kingston and Zuma. "This was a bit late tonight, and we run a tight ship at home," Rossdale said.

But he isn't ignoring Kingston's rock fever -- the tike has been asking to come along on Gavin's next gig in Chicago. "He always wants to come now. During the show, he loves to be on stage on the side. But he loves to play the drums during the sound checks [and] play with my guitar pedals. He likes to check the mic."

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