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Monday, 27 April 2009

Gavin Rossdale Ready To Rock, With Or Without Bush

Gavin Rossdale Ready To Rock, With Or Without Bush

As his first solo album, “WANDERlust,” takes flight thanks to the hit singles “Love Remains the Same” and “Forever You May Run,” Gavin Rossdale is already plotting his next recording project.

“I’m sort of halfway through writing a bunch of new songs,” Rossdale tells “If it’s a Bush record, that’s great, and if it’s a Gavin Rossdale record, that’s great. We’ll have to see what happens.”

Rossdale says that he’s got “about six or seven new songs” ready, and they hew closer to Bush’s brand of hard rock than the more melodic and pop-flavored fare of “WANDERlust.” “They’re focused on…what I’m needing to do and what would add to where I’m at now. It’s pretty driving as opposed to mid-tempoey and that type of stuff. I’m excited about doing a record that challenges me like that.”

Rossdale says the new material could turn into the first Bush album since 2001’s “Garden State” — “I’m naturally a band person, so that would always be my choice,” he notes — but that depends on guitarist Nigel Pulsford, who Rossdale says backed out of an band album that was planned after the frontman launched another group, Institute, in 2005. “(Pulsford) just decided he didn’t want to leave his family,” Rossdale recalls. “He wanted to make the record, but he didn’t want to leave his family. So the solo record was by default.” Rossdale says he and Pulsford are “super-friendly” and that he’s still open to the idea of a new Bush album.

“I suppose, potentially, yeah, it could happen,” Rossdale says. “But if [Pulsford]’s not going to tour it, I don’t know. We’ll see. It’s all up in the air.”

Rossdale says that in either event he plans to again work with “WANDERlust” producer Bob Rock, who he says “understands me. He understands what I do.” Meanwhile, there’s still life left in WANDERlust;” Rossdale is on the road in North America until June 7 and hopes to return to Europe to continue promoting the album. He’s also anticipating picking up some child care duties while wife Gwen Stefani rolls out on the No Doubt reunion tour.

“I think they’ll have a great time,” Rossdale notes. “Those guys have been super-patient while (Stefani)’s been doing her solo thing, so they’re just going to really enjoy it, I think. It takes a lot of pressure off, and it gets them all inspired if they want to make another record.”

Rossdale’s reps have also denied, again, that he had an affair with British pop star Marilyn during the early ’80s. Marilyn told In Touch magazine that Rossdale was “the love of my life” and that he had long lied about the relationship, which was first exposed in Boy George’s 1995 memoir “Take It Like a Man.” A spokesman said Rossdale stood by a denial he made years ago and did not make any new statements about Marilyn.

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