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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Gavin's New Video Premieres!

Gavin's new video for "Forever May You Run" premiered today on AOL's Popeater.
Rossdale 'Runs' for His Life in New Video

Steve Baltin, PopEater

In his new video, 'Forever May You Run,' former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale -- and husband of Gwen Stefani -- dressed all in white, makes a run from his office job and institutional life through city streets, stripping along the way. Rossdale wasn't a fan of the outift originally. "White? Why can't it be black?," he tells PopEater of his original response to the attire.
But the director, Jesse Davey, changed his mind. "I kind of worked for him as an actor for a minute and [was] so impressed with him," Rossdale says. "I don't think I would've worn white for anyone else. I'm always about trying to move videos forward."
He didn't have to look too far for inspiration based on some of his favorite videos. "R.E.M. 'Everybody Hurts' -- that's a classic," he says. "And Gwen's got some great videos." That's a smart husband.

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