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Monday, 11 May 2009

Gavin Rossdale Blog post on official site-michigan nights

Posted by GMR on 5/11/2009 Comments (10)
i'm on my bus waiting to play tonight's show.listening to pj harvey right now and before that it was the waterboys-i found an old video of them on my friend;'s page.

where does everyone go?

we are working full tilt out here,the shows and audiences have been unreal-

it all feels so good.

if you are coming to any of the upcoming shows,be sure to know we play

tons of different stuff.

and the band is on fire=for real.

i have so much respect and gratitude to my band and crew.they are slaying it night after feels like we havew a day off every three weeks.

it is a brutal pace.saved only by the heat and passion of the crowd.

you make it all worth it.

it's mind-twister to be away so much so i am mindful of the support i'm getting

the great news for me is that we'll have a new song at rock/alternative radio any minute.either frontline or this is happiness.

that makes me so happy!

i am always in the debt of love remains the same-

and forever may you run-but imagine how happy i am to unleash those rock tracks for these rock shows

we are playing a mad venue tonight i swear-our dressing room is a rodeo bar-and this is a big holiday town-and we 're gonna fill it out of season,

everything counter-culture-against the grain-into the wind and out of the blue

gotta play a rock show

all my best and more


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