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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gavin Rossdale performs tonight


TRAVERSE CITY -- To answer your first question, don't expect to see Gwen Stefani at Gavin Rossdale's show tonight at The Terminal.

Stefani and No Doubt started a tour May 3. The opening New Jersey date on her tour coincided with New York stops on his, giving the celebrity couple a little time together with their two children.

"It's the first time I've seen my wife for two weeks," Rossdale said. "It's hard, but it's what people do. They have kids and they work. It's just this celebrity culture now, so everyone is interested. Nothing is private anymore. That's how it works.

"Did anyone ask Bob Marley about his 14 kids? No, but that was in the '70s. Now, it's like, 'So, we saw your son was at a park and he had a yellow bike. Do you think a yellow bike is better than a black bike, because when you have a black bike, you kind of can go faster?' It's so weird now, but we go with it."

Their 3-year-old, Kingston, comes on tour with Rossdale.

Rossdale's stop in Traverse City is part of his reinvigorated solo effort, touring extensively in support of his album "Wanderlust" that has already spawned one hit -- "Love Remains The Same."

The 13-track CD released last year is a return of sorts for Rossdale, the former lead singer for late-'90s alternative rock band Bush.

Rossdale, a London native, certainly sees it as the start of a comeback.

"Of course, absolutely," Rossdale said. "Life is nothing but a comeback. Just being alive is a comeback. That's what I'm doing, staying alive."

Bush -- which struck pay dirt with its very first album "Sixteen Stone" in 1994, producing five top-10 tracks -- never duplicated that success in four follow-up albums, and the band split in 2002.

Rossdale said he plays his old Bush songs at his solo shows. Bush is best knows for hits such as "Everything Zen," "Machine Head," "Glycerine," "Come Down," "Little Things," "The Chemicals Between Us" and "The People that We Love."

In between Bush and his solo album, Rossdale released a CD with Institute in 2005 that was only moderately successful. The band lasted only one album.

"I don't know," Rossdale said. "I thought it was an incredible record. Such a waste. It didn't really happen, and it's a tragedy. But that's the way it goes."

Guitarist Chris Traynor has played along with Rossdale with Bush, Institute and on "Wanderlust."

Through it all, Rossdale's writing and forced, gravelly voice has been a constant.

"The single, 'Love Remains The Same' is quite mellow, and so was 'Glycerine,' and some other ballads I had," Rossdale said. "When you see the show, you get a full range of it. Everything is an extension of Bush."

Despite paparazzi hounding the celebrity couple from time to time, Rossdale encourages cameras at his concerts.

"They've got to make sure the angles are good," Rossdale joked. "My whole life is on YouTube. You come off stage, and boom, you can check out the performance. It's amazing. I love it."

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