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Monday, 18 May 2009

Gavin Rossdale Blog post on official site-st. petersburg sand

Posted by GMR on 5/18/2009 Comments (9)
the day off yesterday was a joke.
first off in madrid,spain-some lethal tennis was being played and i woke up to the final at the madrid masters.

perfect outcome.

i step out of the bus and into the heat.

met the boys on the beach-

and as promised continued into the water.

dropping keys,towel and crackberry with them.

then i wandered the beach diving into the water every now and again.

i suddenly realised i had not eaten and went to the bar with my friend jr-

that is when the liquid breakfast began,normally i'd take eggs over tequila but i am not going to decline a gracious offer and actually it tasted pretty good.

i did actually eat the weirdest sandwich at the same time.

now this was some kind of panini,but i think it was crusty bread holding water.bizarre.

but not even a blip in my thusfar perfect day.

i had a little work to do,then back to the beach and shades on lying on your back in the ocean- floating your stress away trick that we all love so much.

i woke up to the dull thud of rain and looked out to an ominous,yet beautiful dark sky.

i thought about some stretching and then realised i had a bunch of phone interviews-which i did,happily,generally one one leg,or the other,rarely both.

multi-tasking and finding ways to be myself and not be repetitive.

sometimes similar questions illicit similar answers.

anyhow,i feel good and ready for the next run.

enjoy your homework(refreshing all my music)and come to the shows knowing i am there for you and only you and without you---nothing


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